THE BLUE TRACTOR | IN THE FIELDS | Nursery rhymes and kids songs

This is the most watched educational video of all time! Come and see why! Your child will love the Blue Tractor, colours, animals, sounds and rhythms to sing and clap along to!

In the fields
In the fields
The blue tractor on big wheels
In its trailer
Someone’s singing
Very merry song.

You can guess and win!
C’mon let’s begin!

Guess who, guess who,
Guess who, guess who,
Singing merry song.

(Blue) Moo-moo-moo — cow
(Red) Ba-ba-ba — sheep
(Green) Oink-oink-oink — pig
(Orange) Woof-woof-woof — dog
(Yellow) Meh-meh-meh, Na-na-na — goat
(Brown) Cock-a-doodle-doo — rooster
(White) R-r-r, Roar — tiger
(Pink) Meow-meow-meow — cat
(Purple) Ribbit — frog
(Black) He-haw — donkey
(Grey) Neigh — horse
(Sky blue) Honk — goose

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